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Rp 135.000Rp 135.000
Mari kita pergi untuk perjalanan dengan Push dan Sing Tricycle. Saksikan goyangan karakter beruang ramah dari sisi ke sisi sebagai bayi mendorong tubuhnya dan sekitar. Tekan tombol musik menyenangkan untuk belajar warna dan konsep dasar cuaca. Mendorong sepeda roda tiga untuk mendengar melodi menyenangkan frasa, lagu, dan melihat lampu berkedip yang akan mendorong bayi Anda untuk terus bermain dengan karakter yang manis. Dengarkan melodi semakin cepat saat bayi mendorong sepeda roda tiga lebih keras.
Rp 220.000Rp 220.000
Real microphone for baby to sing in to.
Twist the ring to select 12 animal songs.
Press the animal button to sing with animal sound effects.
Includes 15 melodies to sing along to.
Style button changes the music style from classical, rock nÂ’ roll and jazz.

Age : 12 - 36 Month
Rp 135.000Rp 135.000
Informasi Produk
Menggabungkan karakter Tigger dicintai dengan mainan interaktif yang unik, bayi akan suka bermain dan mengeksplorasi. Dengan menangani berukuran sempurna untuk tangan kecil dan kupu-kupu menyenangkan dan tombol drum. Mendorong keterampilan motorik penting saat memperkenalkan terdengar menyenangkan 1-2-3, dan musik ceria. Kocok mainan untuk melihat Tigger terpental sekitar dan mengaktifkan suara menyenangkan, ceria dan melodi lagu lucu. Cahaya hidung Tigger menambah kenikmatan saat berkedip bersama sementara bayi memainkan.
Cahaya 'n' Pelajari Rattle menggabungkan Winnie the Pooh karakter dengan mainan interaktif unik untuk membuat anak kecil mainan dicintai akan memuja.

Dengan menangani sempurna berukuran kecil untuk tangan dan menyenangkan tombol panci madu. Mendorong keterampilan motorik sambil memperkenalkan warna, suara dan musik ceria. Kocok mainan untuk mengaktifkan sensor gerak dan mendengar ungkapan lucu dan musik.

Dengan 3 warna-warni cahaya-balon, belajar belum pernah begitu menyenangkan!

Umur: 0 bulan +

Mendengar suara sebenarnya dari Winnie the Pooh
Memperkenalkan warna, suara dan musik ceria
Kocok mainan untuk mendengar ungkapan lucu dan musik
3 warna-warni cahaya-balon menambah menyenangkan!
Dial up some fun with the Winnie the Pooh-shaped infant phone and put baby on the line to early learning! Ring up some fun for your little honey with the light up Little Pooh Plush Phone! This delightful musical play phone has a plush head and chunky buttons just the right size for tiny fingers. Little bees will love giving pretend friends a buzz while learning colors, numbers and shapes!

Age Group: 6Months+
Musical fun with Winnie the Pooh and friends!
Press the 3 sculpted characters to hear each play a different sing song or instrument.

5 piano keys play well-loved tunes and flash in time with the music while the turning wheel changes the tempo.

Features 5 honey pot buttons for groovy learning and a quiz roller that challenges children by asking questions.

Music and real character voice stimulate children while encouraging them to interact and learn!

Ages : 1years+
The VTech Garden Bugs 2-in-1 Magic Mobile is the perfect travel companion for baby. This soft mobile features three brightly colored, plush bugs that dangle from a transparent canopy. It attaches easily and securely to the carrying handle of an infant car seat. For added fun, you can remove the canopy and attach the plush bugs directly to the light-up flower
attachment to transform it into a rattle.

VTech Garden Bugs 2-in-1 Magic Mobile:

Light-up button
Motion sensor activates 4 sing-along songs
Teaches colors, objects and insect names
Batteries required
Launch into learning with the Toot-Toot Drivers Press & Go Launcher. This press button launch track and electronic racer are perfectly sized for little hands.

Line the racer up and press the button to watch it zoom away. When it drives over the SmartPoint recognition sensor on the track you will hear fun phrases, songs and sounds. Press the racer’s light-up screen to activate music and sounds. The launcher can be detached from the track and used in other Toot-Toot play sets or attached via connecting points.

Includes two sing-along songs and six melodies. Encourages cause and effect relationships.

Requires 2 x AAA batteries included.

Age Recommendation: 12 months and over.
Delight your baby with the VTech Dream & Play Light-up Mobile. The battery-powered baby mobile comes in three modes of play - nursery rhymes, lullabies, and nature sounds. With fascinating creatures hanging in mid-air, the VTech baby mobile is magical and thrilling. This baby mobile features a luminescent screen that projects natural sceneries and serves the purpose of a night lamp. Activated with movement, the musical baby mobile is quite appealing to both boys and girls. The mobile features a fiber-optic butterfly, a light-control switch, timer switch, and mode-selector switch. With a sound sensor that plays songs, the VTech baby mobile lets your baby sleep with the tranquility of music.

VTech Dream & Play Light-up Mobile:
Theme appeals to both genders
Fiber-optic butterfly
Light-control switch
Mode-selector switch
Timer switch
Soft, glowing screen projects nature scenes and serves as a nightlight
Sound sensor activates songs
Plays lullabies, nursery rhymes and nature sounds
Requires 4 AA batteries (included)
Go to the rescue with the VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Ambulance.

Pushing this cute role-play vehicle along and pressing its light-up screen button triggers reactions and phrases that little ones aged 1 and up will love.

Lots of fun phrases and realistic sound effects
2 fun songs
Interacts with the Toot-Toot Drivers Garage, sold separately
This Toot Toot vehicle requires 1 x AA battery, which is included.
Be quick to catch the bad guys with the VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Police Car.

Pushing this cute role-play vehicle along and pressing its light-up screen button triggers reactions and phrases that little ones aged 1 and up will love.

Lots of fun phrases and realistic sound effects
2 fun songs
Interacts with the Toot-Toot Drivers Garage, sold separately
This Toot Toot vehicle requires 1 x AA battery, which is included.
Best for ages:
1 to 5 Years
Features cute motorised train, 10 SmartPoints for fun interaction, station, gates, incline, ramp and storage tower. Introduces colours, basic languages and more!
It’s playtime with miles of learning! The Toot-Toot Drivers® Train Station from VTech lets your child play like a real conductor! Spark your child’s imagination as they combine the 32 track pieces into different combinations. Watch the cute motorised train and its cargo car chug along the tracks and go into the station, under the bridge and through the tunnel! The train and other Toot-Toot Drivers® vehicles respond to the 10 SmartPoint™ locations that introduce early language skills. Station building introduces colours, early language skills and basic time concepts. Also includes 3 fun accessories and hand-crank conveyer belt. All Aboard! (SmartPoint vehicles only. each sold separately)

Rp 280.000Rp 280.000
Stack the rings for a musical surprise with the Stack & Sing Rings by VTech. As your child builds motor skills by stacking the colorful rings, the interactive monkey will light up and play melodies and sing-along songs. The monkey also encourages your child to stack the rings with fun phrases that introduce colors, shapes and numbers.

Stacking rings have an encouraging monkey that lights up and plays melodies and sing-along songs; base wobbles for added challenge and fun
Fun sounds and songs play when the baby rings are stacked; discover numbers, colors, shapes and music
5 colorful rings and a variety of textures promote tactile development and baby play; infant learning stacker is great for baby
Baby stacking toy includes 40+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases
Baby learning toy is intended for babies and toddlers 6 months to 3 years of age; 2 AAA batteries included for demo, use new batteries for regular use
Rp 165.000Rp 165.000
The Toot-Toot Trumpet is a fun musical toy that will keep your baby entertained for hours! Watch the light-up music buttons flash along to great trumpet melodies, learn Do-Re-Mi and colours and also hear fun short tunes that encourage your baby to play it like a real instrument. This great musical toy also features realistic sound effects and encouraging phrases. Give the trumpet a shake and press the elephant button for fun sounds and tunes.
Rp 200.000Rp 200.000
Shake to the beat with the Twinkle & Learn Tambourine. Learn 1-2-3 and listen to fun tunes by pressing the big star shaped button and shaking the tambourine! There are three colourful lights that will flash along to the sounds and melodies, and tambourine pieces that make shaking even more fun. There is also a cute birdie on the large and easy to grasp handle that makes t
his tambourine even more appealing to your baby.
Musical Tambourine Features
Includes friendly phrases, sounds and melodies.
Introduces numbers 1-2-3 and music.
Tambourine rattle with motion sensor.
3 colourful flashing lights and 1 chunky button.

Age Group: 3 Months+
Rp 165.000Rp 165.000
Enjoy the friendly farm animals that capture baby’s imagination. Listen to sounds and play peek-a-boo to learn about mummy and baby animals. Fun phrases and beautiful songs will encourage your little ones first words. The motion sensor activates a variety of farm themed melodies and fun animal sounds. Flip the moving pieces and press the pretty animal buttons to hear the
sounds and light-up the music note. You’ll have a fantastic time at the farm!
Farm Animal Rattle Features
Farm animal themed rattle.
Movable pieces introduce mother and baby animals and colours
Three farm animal press buttons teach animals and words.
Shake to activate motion sensor and hear a fun song and sound effects.
Flashing light attracts baby’s attention and encourages interaction.

Age Group: 6 Months+
Rp 285.000Rp 285.000
Best for ages
6 to 36 Months

Put learning on a roll with the Move & Crawl Ball Pink electronic learning toy!

Chocked full of fun things to press, pull, spin and feel -- the Move & Crawl Ball Pink introduces shapes, numbers, animals, and animal sounds to your happy baby. Busy babies will have a ball with this fun, interactive electronic learning toy. Play songs, give the ladybug a spin or press the flashing light. The Move & Crawl Ball even has satin ribbons for tactile stimulation. Plus, with its sensor, the Move & Crawl Ball Pink wobbles and wiggles with baby's every giggle!

Soft satin ribbons enhance tactile stimulation
Motor moves the ball around
Learning toy has 3 lgith up shape buttons
Spinning ladybug for added play
Ball has 3 animal buttons

Rp 490.000
Rp 312.000Rp 312.000
Drum and learn with the VTech Dora the Explorer Dora Learning Drums . Beat the 2 colourful drums to learn basic counting skills and develop musical creativity from a young age. Play fun games with Dora and hear melodies, drum sound effects and hours of musical enjoyment. Utilising infrared sensor technology, Dora's hands move as the drums are triggered while the carry handle features 1-10 LED lights . Designed to teach numbers, counting and memory , the Learning Drums feature the real voice of Dora the Explorer! The Learning Drums include and animated Dora the Explorer with 2 infrared sensor air drums , 1-10 LED lights, a carry handle and lots of melodies and sound effects. The VTech Dora the Explorer Dora Learning Drums is a great way to teach counting and develop creativity.

recommended age: 36 months - 6 years
Let's go and fight the fire! Cute role-play fire engine features lots of encouraging phrases and realistic sound effects. Also features 3 fun sung songs. Pushing along and pressing the light-up screen button trigger reactions and phrases. Also interacts with the Toot-Toot Drivers Garage.
Toot-Toot Drivers Fire Engine Features

Also interacts with the Toot-Toot Drivers Garage.
Features 2 fun sung songs.
Lots of fun phrases and realistic sound effects.
Age: 1 years and up
Features jump ramp, crash platform, gate and crash tyres and Includes 1 x Toot-Toot Drivers electronic racing car.
Features 2 sing-along songs and 6 melodies. Can be connected to other Toot-Toot Drivers play sets.
Includes 1 x AA Batteries (For demo purpose only. Not long life batteries).
Vehicle size: 8.5 x 6 x 5.5cm
Rp 220.000Rp 220.000
The VTech Animal Fun Phone in an up-to-date, realistic toy phone for your baby! The animal friends are waiting for you baby’s call! Colourful buttons flash and dance to give baby a magical experience as they are introduced to numbers, colours and animals.

Animal light-up screen
Teaches numbers, shapes, animals and music
Light-up antenna
Off / on switch
Number keypad with light up buttons
Sliding phone
Learning mode button
Play mode button
Automatic shut-off preserves battery life
Durable design for long lasting play

Requires 3x AAA batteries to operate (demo batteries included).

Recommended Age: 6 Month - 3 Year
Best for ages:
1 to 5 Years
Includes 30 interchangeable track pieces and 3 SmartPoint locations that trigger fun reactions when a Toot-Toot Drivers vehicle is driven over.
The possibilities are endless with the Toot-Toot Drivers® Deluxe Track Set by VTech®! With 30 interchangeable track pieces and multiple track configurations children can build an exciting circular track, or connect to other Toot-Toot Drivers play sets to expand their Toot-Toot Drivers world. The tracks feature 3 SmartPoint locations that trigger fun phrases, sounds and music when a Toot-Toot Drivers vehicle is driven over. Help your child to explore their creativity and imagination as they design their own Toot-Toot Drivers® world! (SmartPoints work only with SmartPoint vehicles) Encourages independent play and discovery & exploration.

Fantastic fun with the Toot-Toot Drivers Construction Site! Get busy with the Dumper Truck, move materials using the crane and lifting claw and watch them slide down the loading ramp into the truck!
With 6 SmartPoints and 16 varied track pieces which you can combine into different combinations for added fun. The dumper truck and other Toot-Toot Drivers vehicles react to the 6 SmartPoints that introduce fun phrases, sound effects and melodies. Interactive features include the cargo holder, shape sorter, turning disk and gate.
Includes cute Dumper Truck vehicle
6 SmartPoints that introduce fun phrases, sound effects and melodies
16 varied track pieces that can be combined in different ways
Cargo holder, shape sorter, turning disk and gate
Encourages role-play fun and imaginative play

Rp 258.000Rp 258.000
This interactive, electronic book includes 4 classic sing along nursery rhymes for baby to listen to and sing and read along to as they grow older. Includes chunky, easy to turn pages that recognise which rhyme is on the page, each time your child flips them over. Your little one will be engaged by the lights on the pages and songs, whilst developing recognition and memory skills.

Suitable for ages: 6+ months

Product Type: Education & Learning
Suitable for ages: 6-12 months

Rp 335.000Rp 335.000
Kiss & Care Cows by VTech is a fun, educational toy that teaches your little one about nurturing and feelings. When the mommy and baby cows are moved together, they give a kiss, teaching your child about emotions. This learning toy has a light-up button that teaches the time of day through fun phrases and sounds. Both cows have musical wheels for rolling play to develop motor skills and cause and effect concepts.

Recommended Ages:1 – 3

Six melodies and fun sound effects capture baby's attention
Electronic learning toy teaches little ones about nurturing
Mommy and baby cow have wheels for rolling play
Time of day teaching broken into 3 segments: Day Time, Play Time, and Night Time
Rp 330.000Rp 330.000
vTech Baby - Baby's 1st Smartphone

Here's a pretend, cute Smartphone with lots of features to get you baby talking!

Suitable for ages 6 - 36 months, the Smartphone features a cool sliding screen that changes the mode of play. Included are a home button, call and reject buttons and a chunky slider. The "App Mode" encourages baby to "call" their animal friends and interact with the 12 light-up app buttons to hear fun phrases about the weather, messages, sing-along songs and more. Parents can even program in their home phone number!

"Music Mode" introduces instrument sounds and popular melodies through an MP3 style screen, and lots of realistic phone sounds, cute phrases, animal sounds are included as well as flashing lights. Simple questions encourage interaction and discovery.

2 x AAA batteries are required, which are included. The big box measures 24cm x 15cm x 4.5cm and the Smartphone measures approx 16cm in length, longer than an adult Smartphone. Our 2nd image (below) gives a good impression of its size.
Rp 260.000Rp 260.000
Rumble into the learning zone! Count and play with the Put & Take Dumper Truck by VTech. Pop a colourful rock into the magic hole on this cute dumper truck to hear numbers and press the chunky buttons to learn colours and tools. Includes 2 sing-along songs and 10 melodies. Tip the truck to play again!

Rp 480.000Rp 480.000
Get ready to cook! Fantastic role-play kitchen with lots of manipulative features!

Your budding cook can stir the soup to learn letters roll the dough, sort the food into the oven and check to see if it’s cooked. Also features dishwasher, tap button, salt and pepper button all with fun sound effects and encouraging phrases, includes role-play spoon and fork.

Teaches letters, shapes, colours, objects, foods and cooking concepts. Includes 3 sing-along songs and 8 fun melodies.

Role-play kitchen with lots of manipulative features!
Features dishwasher, tap button, salt and pepper button all with fun sound effects and encouraging phrases.
Teaches letters, shapes, colours, objects, foods and cooking concepts.
Includes 3 sing-along songs and 8 fun melodies