Upang UV Waterless Sterilizer - Pink

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uPang is the First UV Waterless Sterilizer in the World and the First UV Waterless Sterilizer in Indonesia from Korea.

All babies have something they LOVE to munch and put in their mouths toys, remotes, hand phones, books, teethers and plastic baby bottles, plastic plates and other items that cannot be sterilized with boiling water and using conventional steam baby sterilizer.

What can you do?

Introducing an easy, effective and convenient solution: uPang UV Waterless Sterilizer.

With uPang you can now sterilize everything including make up brushes, make up products, toothbrushes, wallets, and gadgets - virtually anything you want to clean and sterilize with a push of a button.

uPang eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella Typhimurium, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

uPang is the only UV Sterilizer in the world that has been fully tested and certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA of United States) and six other health organizations of the world.

Unlike using hot water or conventional steam sterilizer, with uPang: no hot water handling needed, hence there is no risk of burns, no risk of scalding from spilling the hot water to yourself or to your baby, no water mess and no mildew.

uPang helps you save time as one cycle can fit up to 16 bottles. Power needed is only 35 Watts which translates to less than $1.00 per month for 3 times cycle per day for 30 days. Meanwhile, conventional steam sterilizer typically runs on 500 to 1500 Watts of electricity which in the long run translates to significant savings for mothers using uPang.