UMM Soohu Sling Lite

  • Rp 899.000
  • Berat: 1.000 gram
  • Availability: In Stock

The ultra-lightweight and super-breathable Soohu Sling Lite is designed for climates a bit hotter than most. Made with airy cotton twill, the Lite stays cool and comfy, even in warmer temperatures. Its also great for indoors and for active parents who want the benefits of a lighter fabric without sacrificing any of the quality or durability of our Classic slings.
Designed to carry babies and toddlers (024 months | 3.615.9kg | 835lbs)
Supports five different carrying positions
Supports two discreet breastfeeding positions
Provides the most natural babywearing position: the cradle-carry
One size fits all, fully adjustable in seconds