Tiny Bites Food Shears

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Remember, Kids Eat More if Food is Easier to Eat!
1st BPA/ LEAD Free Food Shears from Tinybites (USA)- For The Kids & Elderly.

1 set of 2 pcs

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1) Are Tiny Bites Food Shears safe to use?

Tiny Bites Food Shears are BPA-free and lead-free.
The sharp cutlery-grade stainless steel blades are intended for use by adults.
The handles and protective blade cover are made from ABS plastic. (BPA & LEAD FREE)

2) What can I use the Food Shears on?

You can use them on almost any food that you need to serve to your child in smaller pieces.
It's great to cut up grapes, chicken, pizza, grilled cheese, hot dogs, french toast, pancakes, fruit, veggies and much more...
We've even used them to cut jello into little cubes!

3) Why can't I get my Food Shears to work?

Have you removed the protective, child-proof blade cover?
Many people don't realize this is a blade cover.
You need to give the blade cover a good pull to remove it and when you place it back on, you need to hear a little click to know it's on properly.
This is an important child-safety feature.

4) What is this yellow lever?

That is our comfort cutting spring.
When you have to cut food that requires additional tension, you can raise the cutting spring lever up for some extra support.
Make sure to lower it back before placing the blade cover.

5) Can I put my Tiny Bites Food Shears in the dishwasher?

Absolutely! We recommend washing them before initial use as well as after every use but they are safe to place in the dishwasher.

6) Can I pack my Tiny Bites Food Shears in my carry-on bag in the airplane?

Yes! Tiny Bites Food Shears meet the new federal guidelines of permitted items allowed to be brought on-board flights.

7) Are Tiny Bites Food Shears for parents to use or for kids to use?

Our primary target audience are adults who want to cut up food for young children.
The secondary market are older kids (tweens and teens) who want to assist parents in food preparation by using Food S
ad of a knife.

Why Parents Love Tiny Bites...

. Easily turns choking hazards into safe bite-sized pieces (hot dogs, grapes, etc)
. Cutlery-grade stainless steel blades (same blades as a knife)
. Child-proof protective blade cover
. Creates perfect bite-sized pieces
. Sold two in a package - For home and on the go
. Unique on-blade inch ruler to measure each bite
. Created by parents for parents
. Dishwasher-safe
. Comes in a package of two
. Comfortable, lead-free plastic handles
. Lead-free
. BPA-free

Celeb parents who have 'em:

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale
Nicole Ritchie & Joel Madden
Elisabeth & Tim Hasselback
Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott
And Many More... —

Ensure SAFE consumption size,

Engage PICKY eaters,

Cut meal prep time in HALF



Portable kitchen scissors
designed by parents for parents, to cut kids food at home or on the go

Winner of The National Parents Center - Seal of Approval - 2010
Winner of The Mom's Choice Awards - 2010

Create perfect bite-sized pieces ? Easy-to-eat strips ? Fun shapes and letters