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Rp 370.000Rp 370.000
Reclining Position: 140 degrees
Foldable Canopy
Adjustable Handle
Place Rear-facing on Vehicle Seat.

Thread Vehicle Lap Belt through Car Seat Slots and Buckle Belt.
Pull Front to Back and Left to Right to Check for Secure Installation

Do not Use a Rear-facing Car Seat on Front Passenger Seat where a Passenger Side Airbag is Fitted.
Airbag Inflates Rapidly and can Throw a Rear-facing Child Restraint into Seat Back with a Great Force, which cam Injure Child

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Usia: New Born s/d 24 Bulan, Beban Maksimum: 20kg

Suitable for Use by Baby whose Weight 20kg or less and whose Heights are 26 Inches (66cm) or less