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Softbook special dari lamaze, lucu dan edukatif banget, sangat bagus untuk stimulasi si kecil sejak dini , softbooks ini mengajak si kecil bermain ciluk ba, ada bagian-bagian yang bisa dibuka tutup dan dibaliknya ada gambar-gambar lucu..pasti si kecil tertarik nih
Ukuran buku : 18x18cm, tebal dan empuk, ada tas mika
Ada 9 halaman

Peekaboo,I Love U lets babies play their favorite game with the whole family. Big, colorful flaps are easy for little hands to cover and uncover smiling family faces for plenty of peekaboo fun!
Item Size: approx. 18 x 18 cm
This soft lift-the-flap book is full of surprises for baby who learns about the animals on a farm and the noises they make. The front cover features mama cow with her calf followed by horses pigs and other farmyard animals. Each page offers an interactive activity for baby to discover! When all animals are safely in the barn baby can lift the flaps to say goodnight.

LAMAZE Soft Book discovery farm
Buku lembut dengan tekstur warna cerah, mencolok dan menarik. Dengan berbagai program permainan lucu di tiap halamannya. Membuat waktu membaca dan bermain si kecil menyenangkan.
Rp 20.000Rp 20.000
Ready : A & C

Baby-soft Lamaze wrist rattle and foot finders encourage discovery.
Bright patterns and faces with fun sounds to reward exploration.

The perfect way to start your baby's development.

The innovative wrist rattles fit comfortably on baby's wrists.

Their bright colours and enchanting noises will have baby searching for their hands