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Rp 975.000
Rp 700.000Rp 700.000

Grow up Double side artist easel

The Crayola Magnetic Dry-erase board, chalkboard & large paper clip opens up a world of creativity. It has a dry-erase surface, so kids can draw and re-draw without the need to use paper. This Magnetic Easel also holds refrigerator magnets or similar decorations. It folds down quickly for space-efficient storage when playtime is over.

Rp 800.000
Rp 550.000Rp 550.000

Crayola – Grow with Me Easel

Ini adalah serbaguna 3-in-1 dengan transformasi mudah white board, papan gambar kapur & papan gambar lipat. Crayola Grow with Me Easel dapat digunakan mulai dari aktivitas menggambar di lantai, taruh diatas meja hingga papan gambar easel berdiri, memiliki papan dua sisi; white board & papan tulis kapur. Lipat kompak dan bawa ke mana pun sang peseni kecil Anda membawa inspirasi mereka.

- Desain unik untuk penggunaan multifungsi
- Transformasi mudah: 3-in-1 Easel, Tabletop & Foldaway
- Papan tulis dua sisi: white board & papan tulis kapur
- Klip kertas untuk menahan kertas
- Penyimpanan untuk alat perlengkapan seni

Dimensi Produk:
Terlipat: P 45 x L 58 x T 41 cm
Terpasang: P 45 x L 58 x T 75 cm

Rp 2.100.000
Rp 1.450.000Rp 1.450.000

Super Duper Art Studio has 4-Drawing Surfaces: 2-Magnetic Dry Erase and 2-ChalkboardsTwo Positions: Standing Easel With Giant Canvas or Desk with 4-Drawing Surfaces Large Desk Area and Comfortable Chair Plenty of Storage Area Includes: Eraser, Crayola 4-ct chalk, 2-paint pots w/brushes, 10-paper stencils, 77 pcs magnetic letters Product Dimension: 42’L x 20.2’W x 39.8’H.

Rp 1.500.000
Rp 1.050.000Rp 1.050.000

This vanity easel equipes with dry-erase magnetic board and mirror surface, with a detachable stool the easel can covert to a table top vanity easel. Comes with several drawing and beauty accessories, kids can develop fine motor skills, creativing thinking and social skills training, along with the huge accessoriey organizer little one can also learn how to tidy and store their own stuffs.

Drawable vanity mirror
Magnetic dry-erase easel
converts to tabletop studio with stool
360° rotation
Adjustable angle