Comflor Prime BabyCare Premium Dino Sport - Large

  • Rp 1.700.000
  • Berat: 15,00 kg
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Size (length*width*height): 210cm x 140cm x 1.3cm

This Comflor Baby Playmat provides a hygienic and non-toxic space for the whole family.Baby and children can play safely on the floor with stimulating and vibrant colours ,characters and educational elements including letters and words.This playmat is an essential item for the saafe growth and development of your baby and toddler.Its protect children from hard floor surfaces, protecting wrist and knees from potential impacts and injuries from crawling, standing up and falling.

A happy play area for babies.
Anti-bacteria,safe materials.
A special coated mat surface.
Waterproof ,easy to clean and maintain.
Developed,manufactured and designed from Korea.