Chu Chu Standard Neck PPSU Bottle 240ml with Cross Cut Teat, Yellow

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TEAT STYLE: CHU CHU Super Cross Cut Teat

This bottle is equipped with a Chu Chu's super cross cut silicone teat. The opening of the teat reacts to baby's sucking force, it is opened only when it is sucked. So, it does not leak or spill like round hole teats of other brands.

One teat fits all stages, it is easier for you to choose the right teat for your babies. The stronger the baby's sucking force is, the faster the milk will flow, your babies are able to drink more actively when they are fed with Chu Chu.

Because it is a standard neck (narrow neck) bottle, strong sucking force of baby is not required. It is suitable for almost all newborn babies if they do not need to switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. But if your baby is on both breastfeeding and bottle feeding, a bottle with training teat might be a better option.

Chu Chu's standard neck training teat also fits this bottle.

PPSU is the best BPA free bottle material in the world.