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Rp 7.299.000

Meet the Bugaboo Ant—the lightest, most compact travel stroller yet. Going on a big family adventure, or staying closer to home? The Bugaboo Ant is full of smart features that will make traveling with children easier and more enjoyable, wherever you go. The Bugaboo Ant is suitable from birth and comes with integrated attachment points for the comfort wheeled board.


Suitable from birth up to 50 lbs.
Rear wheel suspension & front wheel suspension.
Reversible seat, facing world and parent.
Facing world: 2 positions, facing parent: 3 positions (seated, relax, flat).
Fully supportive and adjustable backrest to follow the height of your child.
Easily fold into one piece, from any configuration.
Most compact fold is 21.6 x 14.9 x 9.1 in.
Weight: 15.8 lbs.
Pull along trolley mode in 2 positions.
Integrated footrest functions as self stand.
Rear wheels: 6 inch, front wheels: 5 inch.
Front wheel suspension and rear frame suspension (visible on inside of side parts).
Adjustable handlebar in two positions: 37.4 – 40.9 in.
Accessible baskets up to 17.6 lbs: under seat basket up to 6.61lbs and rear luggage basket up to 11.02lbs.
Extendable canopy UPF50+ with a peek-a-boo window (only for premium fabric).
Attach accessories easily with the integrated attachment point: comfort wheeled board, cup holder, organizer.
Open width (in): 16.06
Folded: 21.6 x 14.9 x 9.1
What's Included: Stroller only
What's NOT Included: Cup holder, rain cover

Rp 8.299.000
Rp 7.199.000

Following in the footsteps of YOYO2, BABYZEN introduces YOYO connect, revolutionizing two-child transport.

YOYO² accompanies your child from birth to early childhood.

Sturdy and super manoeuvrable, it has been designed to provide optimal daily comfort.

Lightweight and compact, it has double the agility and ingenuity, making life so much easier for parents. With unrivaled modularity, its convenient folding and unfolding mechanism is unique.


YOYO connect is the ultimate proof that YOYO2 can adapt to all your needs.

YOYO connect is a unique accessory that hooks onto the back of your YOYO2 stroller.

Thanks to YOYO connect and its 5 configurations, YOYO² turns into a double stroller in a single click, so you can use it from birth and into early childhood.

To the great relief of parents, YOYO connect is a real revolution in the world of strollers.

Ultra-light and manoeuvrable, YOYO2 and YOYO connect can handle any pavements and be steered with one hand.

Once folded, YOYO connect hooks to the back of YOYO².

No two-child transport solution is as compact when folded as the YOYO² with YOYO connect (52 x 44 x 24 cm).

It’s the only two-child stroller that is allowed onboard a flight as cabin luggage*!

Twin configurations

  • bassinet/bassinet
  • 6+ pack/6+ pack

Sibling configurations

  • bassinet/6+ pack
  • 6+ pack/bassinet
  • 6+ pack/car seat

Technical features

  • Same patented folding system as YOYO², ultra-compact single element.
  • 44 cm wide: they will get through any door.
  • 4-wheel braking.
  • Easy access to seats for both children with optimal security.
  • Approved for up to 22 kg (48.5 lbs) per child.
  • YOYO connect weighs the same as YOYO².


*Cabin luggage standards may vary depending on the airline, we recommend checking with your carrier for the latest applicable cabin luggage allowance.

Rp 4.999.000
Rp 4.199.000

Nuna TRVL Caviar suitable from newborn-22,5kg.
Stroller with one hand self collapsing fold.
Nuna trvl with a customized rain coat for extra protection.
Rain cover and transport bag are included.

L 81 W 53 H 111 cm
Folded size L 81 W 52 H 61

TRVL is fashionable and easy to learn, allowing parents and babies to easily shuttle through the city streets and freely explore and travel. When collecting the car, you only need to press it, and it can be folded in seconds, and it can stand on its own without taking up space, making your journey easier and more enjoyable.

TRVL is lighter in weight, undiminished in function, carefully selected top materials, sturdy and durable, and has innovative functions. Whether you like long-distance travel or parents who enjoy light travel, they will definitely fall in love with it

Product Features

The functions are super complete, and you can easily travel through the city streets with your baby, enjoy the parent-child journey at will, and travel lightly
MagneTech Secure Snap™ magnetic buckle design, quickly buckle and release the lock
The canopy skylight design is convenient for taking care of the baby at any time; the zipper is opened, and the mesh ventilation holes are added at the rear to make it cooler and more ventilate

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Rp 8.599.000
Rp 7.700.000
Rp 8.599.000
Rp 7.700.000
Rp 8.599.000
Rp 7.700.000
Rp 8.599.000
Rp 7.700.000
Rp 8.599.000
Rp 7.700.000
Rp 8.599.000
Rp 7.700.000
Rp 8.599.000
Rp 7.700.000
Rp 8.599.000
Rp 7.700.000
Rp 8.599.000
Rp 7.700.000
Rp 8.599.000
Rp 7.700.000
Rp 8.599.000
Rp 7.700.000