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Rp 95.000Rp 95.000
1 Set mainan mixer berikut gelas dan sendok. Menggunakan batre AA3pc (tidak termasuk)
Rp 200.000Rp 200.000
Size : 56*56*35cm
Melissa & Doug Grocery Store / Lemonade Stand
Whatever the season or weather, this wooden play center can perform double duty! You can decide whether to run a store or sell lemonade today! Featuring portable plastic bins for pretend shopping or storage, removable chalkboard signs, a spacious countertop and reversible fabric awning.

What You Get

Grocery Store / Lemonade Stand
Plastic bins
Chalkboard signs
Reversible fabric awning
Rp 200.000Rp 200.000
Bebek karet dengan motif tersendiri.
Rp 350.000Rp 350.000

Market stall untuk main jual-jualan.
Dilengkapi dengan mesin kasir, tempat buah, timbangan, asesori barang dagangan, keranjang.
Ukuran barang 43x 33 x 86cm.
Volume 8kg
This is a multi- functional kitchen play set. Children can imitate the real cooking action in kitchen room.With different cooking sounds, such as cooking egg, cooking food, water boiling,etc.Children just need to put different cooking tools,it will come out with different sounds.With light and different sounds function can motivate children's ability of DO-IT-YOURSELF and cultivate the good habitof doing housework in everyday life

with 26 Accessories
Size : 81*58*34cm

Rp 220.000Rp 220.000
Kitchen set tinggi 66cm, bisa di simpan jadi sebuah koper, sehingga mudah dalam penyimpanan. Kompor bisa nyala (lampu), ada 3 tombol tungku (2 kompor dan 1 oven).

Menggunakan batere AA 3bh untuk suara dan lampu pada oven dan kompor. Ada suara orang menggoreng dan merebus, juga suara timer oven. Lengkap dengan peralatan dapur, panci, wajan, perlengkapan cuci piring, keranjang belanja dll.
Size : 46 * 57 * 89 cm
Rp 190.000Rp 190.000
Mainan trolley seperti di restoran untuk menghidangkan sajian. Sudahh termasuk piring,gelas,garpu,sendok,pisau dapur,sayuran,toaster, sayuran, burger, botol saus,botol kecap.
Rp 460.000Rp 460.000
Size :80.5x 33x82.5 cm.
Rp 460.000Rp 460.000
Size : 80.5x 33x82.5cm.
Rp 250.000Rp 250.000
My First Kitchen Set is a great way to ensure a fun time for the kids. This 16 piece set includes light and sound along with a microwave oven. This set has been safety tested and is great for children ages 3 and up. My First Kitchen Set simulates true styles and high quality workmanship.

Real light and sound
16 Pieces
Microwave oven
Realistic accessories
Ages 3+

Size : 43 x 30 x 63cm
Rp 100.000Rp 100.000
Yuuk Bunda, ajari si kecil cinta kebersihan dengan cleaning set ini tdd kain pel bertangkai, sapu, serok, ember pel, sikat, dll
Rp 1.650.000
Rp 1.350.000Rp 1.350.000
The turtle shell acts as a sandbox cover, and the smiling face is a happy addition to any backyard. Our legendary durability lets kids enjoy this outdoor toy sandbox for years to come.


• Classic turtle with friendly molded-in face
• Molded in details on the bottom of the sandbox to encourage kids to dig!
• Two seats molded on the outside of the sandbox, these do not take away any of the
sand play area
• Turtle shell is a removable lid that covers sand area
• Holds 150lbs of sand (not included)
• Please note: The lid is a darker green then the sandbox
Product Size: 38.75"L x 43.25"W x 12.00"H---Weight 11.20lbs
Box Size: 39.00''L x 43.50''W x 7.75''H --- Weight: 12.00lbs.