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Kelebihan ECB - 901 dibandingkan dengan tipe cooker yang lain adalah:
- Dengan kapasitas yang sama bentuk lebih compact.
- Body dalam dan wadah full stainless steel 304 food grade
- Display digital
- Durable dan lebih tahan lama
- Panas merata
- Dapat menggunakan double boil maupun direct heat
- Ada pengaturan watt, sehingga apabila butuh cepat bisa diatur supaya makanan cepat matang

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OmieBox is the first leakproof bento lunch box for kids that stores hot and cold food together, so parents can pack healthier school lunches. Kids get up to two-thirds of their daily calories at school, so make those calories count with healthy meals packed into one easy to use bento lunch box.

OmieBox is different because it has a built-in thermos food jar that keeps lunch warm for 4 hours. The bento compartments are double walled, air insulated and leakproof, so it keeps fruits and vegetables cool and fresh. You wont need a separate lunch box because OmieBox comes with a handle, so it is the only container you need to store and transport food to school.

OmieBox has a clean, modern design, and its so easy to use itll change the way you think about school lunches. You put a lot of love and hard work into your kids lunch, making sure they get the nutrients they need to grow.

OmieBoxs thermos bento lunch box design protects the lunches you create so every time your kids open it, what they see is your love.

- Thermal insulated bento lunch box with two temperature zones for storing hot and cold foods
- Integrated stainless steel vacuum insulated thermos food jar provides powerful insulation for hot foods
- Double walled, air insulated bento lunch box keeps fruits & vegetables cool and fresh
- 3 separate leak-proof bento compartments keep food separated and visually appealing
- Food grade safe, FDA-approved, BPA-free materials

Dimensi: 18 x 18 x 7.5 cm