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Rp 2.800.000Rp 2.800.000
Funny Playhouse With Slide
with detachable funny slide, playing table and basketball rak.
Good quality,made in Korea
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Seat With Safety Belt
Another Safety Belt For Frame
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Little Tikes 7' Trampoline
Item Number: 622311
Age: 3 - 10 years

Weve designed this trampoline for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary school children. The large 7-foot, enclosed, bouncing area is durable and has just the right amount of bounce. The netting on all sides helps keep children safe, and the padded frame provides extra protection.

It's time for some big, bouncing fun! This bouncy, kids trampoline is both durable and padded. The 7' Trampoline provides hours of active bouncer trampoline fun from Little Tikes. A perfect starter trampoline for toddlers and older kids.


Durable, high-quality pad protector covers the safety springs
The frame is made of durable blow-molded plastic and high-quality materials
Shoe holder attached to the unit
Jumping area measures 21.65 sq. ft.
Total diameter is 7'4"
Maximum number of children: 1
Weight limit up to 100lbs
Trampoline designed for home outdoor use only
Assembly Required

Product Size: 90.00''L x 90.00''W x 90.00''H --- Weight: 72.00lbs.
Box Size: 15.00''L x 50.00''W x 22.50''H --- Weight: 65.00lbs.
Ground To Jump Surface-Height: 17.00''H ---
Net Height: 47.00''H ---
Jumping Area Width: 62.00''W ---
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Size: 159 X 74 X 80cm
Rp 1.500.000Rp 1.500.000
Lolly Slide - Pink
Size: 159 X 74 X 80cm
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Rp 1.250.000Rp 1.250.000
Rp 2.200.000Rp 2.200.000
Take your little one into the world of joy with Bear Slide and Swing Brown! Crafted from quality materials, this playset is wrapped in cheerful colors that exude bright cheerful moods. Your children can improve their motor skills by doing fun activities like sliding down on the green slide, swaying on the swing, or throwing the ball into the basket. Kids will be excited to see this playset!

Size :
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Size :
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Ibebe playfence tipe CUPCAKE 10+2

Pagar pengaman bayi dari ibebe Korea yang kualitasnya tidak perlu diragukan lagi, kini hadir di Indonesia!

Playfence ibebe memberikan area aman dan nyaman untuk anak bermain, serta membantu perkembangan motorik anak untuk belajar merambat dan merangkak dan berdiri. Terdapat perekat di bagian bawahnya sehingga tidak bergeser saat didorong anak.

Anak happy, Ibu happy

Dengan ukuran yang lebih besar, 1 set playfence CUPCAKE berisi 10 panel + 1 activity panel + 1 locked door. Playfence tinggi 60cm. Area yang dicakup 160 x 120 cm
Rp 3.300.000Rp 3.300.000

Product Details:

Unit Dimension

Length = 1810mm
Width = 1090mm
Height = 1180mm
Length dimension measures without safety slide.

Box Dimension

Length = 1285mm
Width = 495mm
Height = 740mm

With a happy house, funny slide, play zone and a cute door, basketball and side table.
Detachable safety slide, with 3 selected position.
Come with a basketball backboard may face in or out.

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Rp 985.000Rp 985.000

Ching Ching Lady bug swing sw03

bisa sampai 7 thn

Rp 3.300.000
Rp 3.100.000Rp 3.100.000

Fitur produk :

Didesain dengan bentuk yang unik dan menarik serta warna yang beragam
Terdapat ring basket di bagian pinggir
Terdapat perosotan
Menggunakan bahan plastik yang aman untuk anak anda
Bagian pinggir di buat bulat sehingga memberikan keamanan dan kenyamanan ekstra pada saat anak anda bermain
Beban maksimum : 40 kg
Untuk umur 1,5 tahun keatas
Panjang perosotan 180 cm
Ukuran produk : 165 x 88 x 161 cm

Rp 7.500.000
Rp 6.000.000Rp 6.000.000

It's time for some big, bouncing fun! This bouncy, kids' trampoline with slide is both durable and padded. The 7ft Climb 'n Slide Trampoline provides hours of active climbing, sliding and bouncer trampoline fun. It makes a perfect first trampoline for toddlers and older kids.


• Includes and slide and climbing steps
• Shoe holder
• Two zipper enlosures
• Durable, high-quality pad protector covers the safety springs
• Safety foam covers all exposed metal
• The frame is made of durable blow-molded plastic
• Maximum number of children: 1
• Weight limit up to 105lbs
• Trampoline designed for home outdoor use only

This fun slide & swing playset from Grow 'N Up feature has everything the kids need for backyard summer fun! a wavy slide, toddler swing seat with safety belt, basketball ring and soccer net.

Measures 112cm L x 160cm W x 155cm H.

Accommodates 2 child at the slide/climber and 1 child at the swing

Weight limit: 23 Kg per child

For ages: 2-6 years

Rp 1.900.000
Rp 1.499.000Rp 1.499.000

Haenim Popo Double Swing is a fun toy for children to play, compact size so it can be placed anywhere.
Consists of two swing seats, can be used 1-2 children at a time, with a maximum total weight of child 40kg.
The swing has a safety belt and footrest, so that the children feel comfortable playing swing.

Product dimensions: L 126.5 cm x W 87.5 cm x H 120cm
Children age: 1-5 Years (Max 40kg)

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#ds710 #poposwingds710

Assembly Size : 176 x 175 x 132 cm

* Climber comes complete with a fun swing set extension
* Allows children of different ages to play together
* Durable and sturdy construction
* Easy lock - together assembly with nuts
* Ideal for group play

Made in Korea

Rp 23.500.000
Rp 18.000.000Rp 18.000.000

Both a Climbing frame and a Playhouse in one, the 8 in 1 adjusts round the middle tunnel so older ones can climb through it or little ones can crawl through when it’s at the lower position (as shown). The other choices of position we leave to you to work out, there are supposed to be 8 to choose from!
The frame includes an opening door, a crawl-through tunnel, a long slide and a gentle slope slide, allowing older and younger children to play together

Rp 4.500.000
Rp 3.600.000Rp 3.600.000

Age: 2 + years
The Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse in beige has so much style! Modern windows, arched doorway and brick details this little house will be a perfect first playhouse for any little one!
This charming kid's outdoor playhouse is just right for younger children. Little kids will have hours of fun playing either inside or outside with this playhouse. Moms and dads will love the easy assembly!

• Contemporary styling
• 2 Working doors
• 2 Windows with working shutters
• Mail slot (mail not included)
• Flag holder (flags are not included)
• Assembly Required
This charming kid's outdoor playhouse is just right for younger children. Little kids will have hours of fun playing either inside or outside with this playhouse. Moms and dads will love the easy assembly!

Product Size 42.75''L x 35.00''W x 49.00''H

Rp 18.500.000
Rp 14.500.000Rp 14.500.000

Complete plastic swing set with climbing wall and rope ladder
2 Cozy Swings and mounting hardware
Large, straight slide for fast-paced thrill
Covered upper clubhouse with steering wheel
Product must be anchored (anchors included)
Ages 2 to 6 years
143.5L x 68W x 76H inches

Rp 14.500.000
Rp 11.500.000Rp 11.500.000

Energetic kids will find lots of climbing
and sliding action on this super-sized
climber. They can take on multiple rock
walls for climbing and lookout from the
huge platform. Two slides accommodate
kids of different ages. A cool crawl tunnel
doubles as an “escape hatch†for secret
missions, and a large fort under the climber

Rp 9.500.000
Rp 7.500.000Rp 7.500.000

This super-fun jungle climber by Little Tikes features a range of obstacles and exciting features for small children. Boys and girls can slide down, climb up and venture through the climbing frame and the enclosed cave making this a great enviroment to keep them occupied outdoors. On a hot summer's day, the jungle climber comes alive as kids can explore the ground-level openings and pass on top secret whispers through the talk tubes. There is also a rotating door that connects two play areas. Kids can also climb up the tough cargo net and chill-out on top of the jungle climbing frame's multiple level platforms.

Rp 40.000.000
Rp 30.000.000Rp 30.000.000

It may look like wood, but this whimsical Little Tikes playground/playhouse is made of durable materials that are virtually maintenance free and fun for the whole neighborhood!


• Splinter-free climber
• Assembles in a fraction of the time it takes for most wood units
• Designed with a big 4 foot-high platform with its own fort
• Multiple-station swing set has two swings and a two-person glider
• Kids small and big can dig the fun in the built-in sandbox
• Sandbox has a lid to keep out weather and debris
• Toy storage area does double-duty for water play (drain plug included)
• A challenging climbing net
• Extra long wavy slide
• Must be anchored
• Anchor kit included
• Maximum number of kids 6
• Weight limit up to 100lbs. per child
• Sandbox holds 200 lbs. of sand (not included)

Rp 2.100.000Rp 2.100.000

108 x 108 x 119 cm

Rp 2.300.000Rp 2.300.000
Bisa disambung sama panel marshmallow supaya lbh luas.
Ukuran rakitnya kalau 1 set 118cm x 148.5cm x 70cm

Nanti dlm 1 set itu isinya :
1 spiral slide
2 small panel marshmallow
2 corner panel
4 edge panel
Rp 1.650.000
Rp 1.350.000Rp 1.350.000
The turtle shell acts as a sandbox cover, and the smiling face is a happy addition to any backyard. Our legendary durability lets kids enjoy this outdoor toy sandbox for years to come.


• Classic turtle with friendly molded-in face
• Molded in details on the bottom of the sandbox to encourage kids to dig!
• Two seats molded on the outside of the sandbox, these do not take away any of the
sand play area
• Turtle shell is a removable lid that covers sand area
• Holds 150lbs of sand (not included)
• Please note: The lid is a darker green then the sandbox
Product Size: 38.75"L x 43.25"W x 12.00"H---Weight 11.20lbs
Box Size: 39.00''L x 43.50''W x 7.75''H --- Weight: 12.00lbs.