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Rp 4.990.000
Rp 2.950.000

Deskripsi Nuna tres carseat / nuna carseat

Product specifications
Recommended use for rear facing riding: 0-18kg, 0-4 years old (install with vehicle seat belt)
Recommended use for forward facing riding: 15-36 kg, 4-12 years old (install with vehicle seat belt and ISO connector)
Product: L 47- 52 x W 48-59 x H 61-82 cm
Product weight: 9.51 kg

Rp 4.990.000
Rp 2.950.000

Deskripsi Nuna tres carseat / nuna carseat

Product specifications
Recommended use for rear facing riding: 0-18kg, 0-4 years old (install with vehicle seat belt)
Recommended use for forward facing riding: 15-36 kg, 4-12 years old (install with vehicle seat belt and ISO connector)
Product: L 47- 52 x W 48-59 x H 61-82 cm
Product weight: 9.51 kg

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Rp 6.000.000


The NUNA EXEC is packed with amazing features.

  • Simply™ secure installation
  • Aeroflex™ side impact protection system
  • Converts from rear facing to forward facing to booster mode
  • 8 reclining positions
  • 12-position head support
  • Multi-functional and adjustable anti-rebound panel and leg rest
  • True tension™ doors for an ultra-secure fit
  • Merino wool + GOTS™ certified organic cotton fabric inserts
  • Ventilation panels and breathable knit fabric
  • Dual flip-open cupholders
  • No-rethread five-point harness
  • Magnet harness keepers
  • Spring touch shoulder belt guide
  • Washable covers
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Rp 1.300.000

Graco Contender

The Contender™ 65 convertible car seat holds a rear-facing infant from 5-40 lbs. and a forward-facing toddler in its 5-point harness from 20-65 lbs. It easily grows with your child with the Simply Safe Adjust™ harness system, which automatically adjusts both the harness and headrest height. The included LATCH and easy-to-read level indicator offers you hassle-free installation. Contender 65 features a removable head and body support, machine-washable seat pad and two buckle positions to help keep your growing child snug and secure. This seat is Safe Seat Engineered which includes Side Impact Testing and features EPS foam.

For rear-facing infants from 5-40 lbs. and forward-facing toddlers from 20-65 lbs.
Simply Safe Adjust™ Harness System is safe & simple with a one-hand, no re-thread harness that automatically adjusts
EPS, energy absorbing foam for effective impact energy management
One-hand, 8-position adjustable headrest easily adapts to your growing toddler's needs
SafeSeat Engineering - Engineered & Crash Tested to Meet or Exceed US Safety Standards FMVSS 213:
Side Impact Tested for Occupant Retention by the harness system
New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) - Peak Crash Force approximately 2X Car Seat Standard
Extreme Car Interior Temperatures
Removable head and body support keep baby comfy
LATCH equipped with an easy-to-read level indicator for hassle-free installation
5-point, front-adjust harness helps you get baby in and out
2-position recline keeps your growing child comfortable
Cup holder keeps drinks within your child's reach

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Rp 3.000.000
Rp 3.999.999
Rp 3.000.000
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Rp 2.300.000
Product Features:
  • From 9kg - 36kg (9 mths - 11 years)
  • Dimensions : W442×D413×H672~750mm
  • Only seat : W433×D368×H220m
  • Weight 5.7 kg
  • Extended 5-point harness (use for baby from 20 - 65 lbs.)
  • Converts into high-back belt positioning booster (use for baby from 30 to 100 lbs.)
  • Converts into backless booster (use for baby from 40 to 100 lbs.)
  • Head support cushion up (Plus) : stabilize the head in children
  • Height adjustable headrest
  • Mesh fabric used on the side of the sheet. It is well ventilated and comfortable .
  • Over-molded arm rests with easy access side storage
  • One-hand height-adjustable head support grows with the child
  • 3D support full-body Cushion for added comfort and safety
  • Machine-washable fabric seat pads
  • Can only be used as forward-facing car seat
  • European security standard (ECE-R44/04)

Rp 1.850.000
Rp 1.550.000

Ready : Brown , Red
3 years to support the head and neck wrapped around from the booster seat.
Head support height adjustment to grow with 3 d firmly supports aspects your child's body about support cushion.

-Use period: from 15 kg to 36 kg
● product size (cm)
Width about 44.2 x depth approx. 41.3 x height approximately 67.2-75
Mi幅 seat approximately 43.3 x depth approximately 36.8 x height approx. 22
-Weight: approx. 4.5 kg (seat only 1.7 kg)
-ECE standards (ECE-R44/04)
-Can be mounted only a three-point seat belts

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Rp 2.100.000
Rp 3.000.000
Rp 2.400.000
Rp 3.000.000
Rp 2.400.000

Group 0+/1/2/3 car seat
Suitable rearward facing from birth to 18kg/4 years
Suitable forward facing from 9kg to 36kg/12 years
6 recline positions: 2 rear facing and 4 forward facing
Easy installation with ISOFIX and top tether when using in forward facing group 1 mode
Side impact protection provides added security for the head, body, and hips
Guard Surround Safetyâ„¢ panels provide extra side protection and fold into seat when not in use
One-hand, 10 position height adjustable headrest
AutoAdjustâ„¢ side wings widen as headrest is raised to accommodate growing children
Reinforced steel inner seat shell increases structural integrity

3 piece flexible insert system includes an infant head support, infant body support, and infant wedge – all customisable for the ultimate fit at every stage
Grow Togetherâ„¢ multi-height headrest and harness system adjust simultaneously and require no re-threading of harness
Custom Harness Hideaway compartments store the 5-point harness when using as a Group 2/3 booster
Plush, deluxe cushioning and fabrics
Built in side ventilation
Side, mesh storage pockets for child’s must-have travel items
Well marked, colour-coded installation paths
Dual lock-offs for installing with vehicle’s 3-point seat belt
BabySoft 5-point harness with shoulder and lower buckle covers
One pull motion easily tightens the 5-point harness

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Rp 1.200.000
New Revolution CarSeat by Cocolatte with Extra Seat Pad for newborn up to 18 kg

Product Features :
* 3 Recline Position Adjustment
* Safety Harness System
* Can be Fitted in Seats of Most Cars Using the Adult Lap and Diagonal Seat Belt

Suitable for Child for:
* Group 0- New Born to 13 kg : Use Rear-Facing Position
* Group 1- Between 9 kg to 18 kg: Use Forward-facing Position
Rp 7.600.000
Rp 5.850.000
This model in pursuit of safety and comfort of the baby is made to the ideal posture, rotary child seat of Aprica to protect the healthy growth of the baby in three steps. DX model has the flex Shade STD, with the hip inner sheet STD. Steadily four years important to growth, protects gently firm.
It can used along with growth of child, and choice depending on the situations. Patented with "New 3-Step"During the newborn period, use Lay-flat position that does not impair breathing and gives less stress on Baby's neck. After the neck gets stable, you can freely use it in either of lay-flat or upright position depending on the situation. It can be changed to forward-facing position if Baby's body weight reaches 9kg.
European security standard (ECE-R44/04)
Full-reclining (PAT) The bed structure allows the Baby to sleep in a natural position, will not cause airway blockage or impair abdominal breathing.
Thermo Medical System (Ventilation) For Babies who have higher body temperature than adults, so we have adopted a structure of our own that releases the heat within the product body for Baby's comfort.
Body Cushion has 3 layers: 3D Mesh, BreathAir, 3DMesh. It will prevent the heat and moist held in the buttocks and thighs areas. It's easily detached and washed. Good up to 4 years old.
Sunshade flex canopee STD Protects your baby from UV.
Hip inner sheet STD
Single-Touch Rotating Seat Even in the limited space in the car, the seat can be easily rotated with the hand. It's very convenient when loading/ unloading because you can rotate the seat while holding the Baby in your arm.
Light Weight & Compact Body Fladea is the smallest and lightest in the class.
Easy Blet Lock System It can be firmly with one lock, and it can be installed on either left or right seat. The seat belt is routed the front side of the shell, it is easy to install with good view.
Smooth Rotation Lever It is designed so the rotation lever is rotated at the back of the seat so that the food and sands would not go in the lever. It prevents the causes for malrotation.
Miss-use Prevention System It rotates only at the proper reclining angles. It is designed to prevent miss-use.
Sure to Use Load Leg The seat is designed so it cannot be installed if the all-in-one load leg is stored. It will prevent the users to forget using the load leg that is essential for safety.
Product size: Lay-flat position: W765×D630×H537(mm) Product Weight: 14.1kg
For the child from 50cm?100cm
Rear Facing: W450×D725?765×H605?665(mm)
Forward Facing: W450×D630×H675(mm)
Period of Use (by body weight): Lay-flat 2.5 to 9kg / Rear Facing after the neck gets stable up to 10kg / Forward-facing: 9 to 18kg
The lightweight and compact Coccoro S convertible car seat is compatible with smaller vehicles. Three Coccoro seats can be installed in the rear-seat of vehicles. A 5-point harness with padding, Tru-Safe® Buckle, forward and rear-facing lock-offs, energy absorbing EPS foam and 4 position height adjustments make for a safe and comfortable environment for your child.

Product Features:
- Compact design accommodates smaller fuel efficient vehicles
- Allows up to 3 seats across the rear seat of most vehicles
- 5-point harness with chest clip
- One pull harness adjustment
- Tru-Safe® Buckle
- Shoulder belt retainers for placing child in seat easier
- Rear-facing and Forward-facing Lock-Offs
- Tru-Safe® Side Impact Protection (EPS)
- 4 position height adjustments
- Belt Lock-Offs to provide a tight installation
- Removable Mommy’s Lap™ Insert to provide comfort for smaller children
- Lightweight and easy to handle
- Fast and easy vehicle installation

Suitable for baby from newborn to 4 years old (18kg).

Product Dimensions: 47cm (W) x 55cm (D) x 69cm (H)
Product Weight: 4.4kg
The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix is a universal group 0+ child car seat for children up to 13 kg (birth until 12 months).

The lightweight and compact Coccoro convertible car seat is perfect for smaller fuel efficient vehicles. Three Coccoros can be used together in the back seat of most compact cars or two on the sides with room for an adult to sit in between them. With features like Tru-Safe™ Buckle, forward and rear-facing lock-offs, energy absorbing EPS foam, 4 position height adjustments and 5-point harness with padding, you can rest assured that your little one will be safe and secure. Weighing only 11 lbs, the Coccoro is significantly lighter than most comparable car seats, which means transporting will be a breeze. An added feature is the adjustable infant insert, keeping smaller children nice and snug. And, the single-pull adjustable harness system, shoulder belt retainers and washable seat cushion add convenience.

Product Features:
- 4.6KG ( Ultra light weight)
- Suitable for baby from newborn to 4 years old
- Supreme Side impact protecion
- HO-cooling and 3D mesh fabric on the seat cushion to ensure comfort of the child
- Ultra shock absorbent Egg Shock
- Lower seat design ( only 9.6cm height)
- Anti-Slipping Design to ensure easy and secured installation
- Staying at best position " Dacco " cushion and effective minimize the body stress to make child staying more relax by giving the comfortable seat position.
- Balance is the specal sharp of coccoro can fit in all car easily and low position seat make baby easy to sit no matter different size of car (small car)
Safe Haven

Style and safety should never have to be sacrificed. Thanks to our clever and fashionable Group 0+ car seat the PIPA, both of these essentials are combined; providing ultimate comfort and protection for little lives, every which way you may decide to take them in.

Its sleekly styled and revolutionary dream drape™ creates a shelter that harbors baby from the elements, making it a must have safe haven. On its own or paired with the PEPP™, our Nuna PIPA makes on-the-go be oh-so-easy.

Here’s to making their first outing a world debut.

The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix is a universal group 0+ child car seat for children up to 13 kg (birth until 12 months).