Brightstarts Cozy Coos™ - Cow

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Brightstarts Cozy Coos™ - Dog / Lion / Hippo / Cow

Model #: 40000
Cozy Coos™ from Bright Starts™ are adorable, plush characters that help to keep baby’s pacifier where it belongs—in their mouths!

These plush friends help baby hold on to, grasp and even find their pacifier when needed. Each character is securely attached to Bright Starts own Contour Comfort Pacifier™. Each pacifier is composed of 100% medical grade silicone and designed with the guidance of a pediatric dentist.

The one-piece pacifier design helps to eliminate dirt and germs from hiding in cracks and crevices so the pacifier stays cleaner. The pacifier removes easily for cleaning in the dishwasher when needed and the plush characters are machine washable! Available in an assortment of adorable characters, Cozy Coos are valuable friends to keep around!


Super soft, Cozy Coos™ plush encourages babies to keep pacifier in their mouths and help self soothe
Medical grade 100% silicone pacifier designed in conjunction with a pediatric dentist
1 piece pacifier design helps eliminate dirt and germs from hiding in cracks and crevices
Contour Comfort Pacifier™ is securely attached to keep pacifier close but is removable for easy cleaning