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Rp 1.000.000
Rp 750.000Rp 750.000
Product Information
•Duration of use: 4 - 36 months
•Consumer Product Safety Association throw-SG

Product Features
•Easy to wear and three directional shouldering - carrying vertically for stability, carriying vertically for ease and rear back holding
•Head guard mechanism that uses soft material and the style design aimed to completely protect the baby whose neck is not yet fully developed
•Soft seat mattress to keep the baby at its natural position for its heap and feet. It is as comfortable as the mother's arms
•Secure and soft back panel which is removable for a proper holding position according to the baby's development stage
•Body temperature ventilation adjustment structure to ensure the babies to have the most comfortable moving space at any time
•Ancillary connecting strap to buckle up the shoulder strap on the chest in either front-end holding or rear back carrying style. It is a non twist and easy to set
•3D ventilation mesh material to avoid humidity