Aprica Yuralism Brown manual swing soft cushion EW Hazel

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Aprica High-Low Bed & Chair Uralizm Soft Cushion EW (Handy type).

2 in 1 Aprica High Low Bed and Chair, a portable bed and a high chair for your baby Functions as a comfortable portable bed and high feeding chair. Comes with 5 levels reclining positions and 5 points protection belt to protect overall baby's body gently

Product Features:
Bed time: W545D855885H405715(mm)
When Chair: W545D700850H675970(mm)
Weight : 10.4 kg.
Baby Age : Newborn up to 4 years old
5 Levels : (110 120 130 145 170 )
Swing slowly only part of the horizontal bed. Chitsukimasu baby feels comfortable.
Sensitive and delicate baby's brain is also a small vibration (head) was born to protect the structure. Incorporating a foam material, effectively absorb the vibration.
Spontaneous natural style "upper body type W, M-type lower body," according to the sheet just Aprica.
Also change the angle of the backrest angle to fit the head guard. Svndumpfilter baby's neck and unreasonable attitude in any angle.
Table can be removed, since the start of baby food a big success.
You can also feel free to wash, comfortable baby heavy sweater. Gently wraps the baby in a soft feel.
Ease wash cushion
Newborn part.