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* Em's 4 Bubs earmuffs use an adjustable headband to hold the earmuffs in place, preventing uneven pressure being placed on the sides of your baby's head, like traditional earmuffs.

* Recommended for newborn to 18 month olds, they are the world's FIRST hearing protection earmuffs designed specifically for babies!

* All headbands are interchangeable

Em's 4 Kids was started in Brisbane, Australia by Daniel & Kate. Daniel is a professional musician, and as a result, their newborn daughter was often exposed to high levels of noise. Not wanting to damage her hearing, they sought to purchase some form of "child friendly" hearing protection - it proved hard to come by. Out of this, Em's 4 Kids was born.

Em's 4 Kids are designed BY parents, FOR parents. Using high quality materials, and eye catching design and colours, Em's are perfect for any parent wanting to protect little ears from big noise!

Why do children need earmuffs?

This is a question that we get asked quite often! In the first years of life, a child's hearing is particularly sensitive to loud noise, be it intermittently or frequently. And since hearing damage is permanent, it's necessary to take every possible precaution to ensure that your child's hearing is protected when in noisy environments.

Our specially designed earmuffs will help protect your child's hearing from any loud noises. Em's 4 Kids are lightweight, compact and easy to use!

Em's 4 Kids are great for settling your child while in noisy environments, such as:
Motorsport Events (such as drag racing, Formula 1 and V8 Supercars)
Fireworks Displays
Around the house and in the yard
Crowded places, such as shopping centres